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When one cannot assemble a minyan in the home of the child, then they should gather a group of scholarly men to learn Torah elsewhere in the newborn’s zchus as a means of protection for the child during the night of his “Vach Nacht” (Takanas of the Rashash)

The Age Old Tradition: VachNacht

Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov! Lots of Naches from your precious baby boy!! After a day of hard preparation, endless phone calls, setting up, and packing away, most parents feel both physically and mentally drained, but still have to gear up for their son’s bris the next morning. Most fathers want to, but simply cannot achieve the tradition of Shmira Haleilu; guarding their newborn all night long by immersing themselves in Torah and Tefillah.

The concept of “Vach Nacht” stems back countless generations and refers to the custom of our ancestors of watching over the child the night before the most important day of his life. The father would invite some of his close family and friends to join him in learning all night to spiritually prepare for his sons bris. Of course, food and drink would be set out to sustain the guests through the night. Over the years, the true purpose of this night has been obscured by the spectacles they have become. The main course has become a memory while the dessert has turned into the entire meal!

Only a small group of people can actually lay claim to the real meaning of Shmira Haleilu. But that is about to change for the better. Kollel Chatzos has re-established the true definition of “Vach Nacht” by enabling you to purchase a zchus for the night before the bris, allowing you to rest assured that the combined power of a kollel’s learning will help shield your baby throughout the hours of darkness.

Kollel Chatzos….igniting the light of Torah from the Vach Nacht to the Bris and beyond!