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סיפורי ישועות


" I contacted “Kollel Chatzos” regarding two of my cousins, older bucherim still seeking their bashert. Three weeks later our family celebrated the engagement of one of them. And shortly after that, I became a double “mechitun” when the second “Kollel Chatzos boy” celebrated his engagement! " Miriam - Miami, Florida

Health Issues

" Our dear father was diagnosed with the terrible “C” word and was facing chemo and radiation. We were extremely fearful of the effects of chemotherapy since many patients’ relatives had shared how it adversely affects the person, both physically and mentally. Several days after partnering with “Kollel Chatzos” the doctor relayed the great news; free from chemo! " Rachel - Los Angeles, CA

Financial Situations

" Halfway through our yearly sale week, after investing in a huge marketing campaign, our store was empty and we were losing money. I have to tell you, I am a middle-aged man with a lot of life experience, but I have never been this astounded! Shortly after my son called in to sign up with “Kollel Chatzos”, customers started streaming in non-stop! " Yaakov - Far Rockaway, NY

Vach Nacht

" I truly found out the power of “Kollel Chatzos Vach Nacht Protection”. Immediately after my son’s vach nacht there were some complications with him which landed us in the emergency room. But b”H, with “Kollel Chatzos’s” protection, the bris was at the right time, without any problems! " David - Brooklyn, NY

Judgment Reversal

" A chill tingles up my spine as recall how I terrified I was when I called into the office of “Kollel Chatzos” asking that they learn and pray for my health after receiving a grim diagnoses from my physician. The medication required to treat it was accompanied by severe side effects. But with joy I recall my excited doctor’s exact words to me. “Your biopsy results are back….forget the medication! Your results are clean and clear! " Freidy - London, UK

Miraculous Recovery

" About four months ago, I suffered a terrible illness which left me paralyzed from the waist down. One day in rehab, someone next to me exclaimed “you moved your foot!”…….and slowly but surely, after months of therapy, I am now a “walking” miracle. My overjoyed father informed me that he had partnered with “Kollel Chatzos” so I asked him when they started mentioning my name and, after calculating the exact date, we realized….it was the day I first moved my foot! " Sarah - Monsey, NY

Extra Protection

" While taking a stroll last Shabbos with our kids, my wife turned to my son for a split-second and our younger daughter took that inopportune moment to run into the busy street! And then…….the terrible screech of braking tires! As the relieved driver related in wonder later “I don’t know how I noticed the small child, but something forced me stop”……“He” doesn’t know, but “we” surely do!! Our “Kollel Chatzos” partners learning in our merit! " Yirmiyahu - Baltimore, MD


" For years, my husband worked tirelessly to bring home a salary to support our large family קע"ה, but unfortunately, he became a victim of the dreaded downsizing. His unemployment caused not only financial issues for us, but also began impacting our marriage. A week after a friend suggested “Kollel Chatzos”, my husband found the most suitable and perfect job! " Yoely - Monroe, NY

Prayer Acceptance

" My wife was scheduled for a difficult surgery, one that we’d hoped to avoid. Rather than asking that the “Kollel Chatzos” learners pray for the operation to be successful, I asked that they should plead that it not be needed. Hours before she was scheduled to go under the knife, her doctor informed us that based on her latest test results, surgery was unnecessary! " Faigy - Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Legal Complications

" A short while ago, the Buildings Department decided to target a property owned by my son and “discovered” some sort of violation, which prompted the immediate eviction of all the residents by the Police Dept. Chaos and fear engulfed him and the rest of the family, and I immediately called “Kollel Chatzos” to add my son’s name to my list and, in addition, mention him when the kollel says the famous holy “Ketoros Segulah” and pray that he should be cleared of this serious charge. Thank Hashem! The tenants are back in their apartments and the violation has been voided! " Leah - Montreal, Canada