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יששכר זבולון

"By signing on as a partner with the Torah Scholars you merit Abundant Wealth on this World! And Assured a Share in the Next World! (Zohar Vaychi)"

An Investment that Reaps Rewards

Since there is almost no section where the Zohar Hakadosh does not mention its benefits, or how beloved and precious those who accomplish it are. It is very important for every individual to attempt to the best of their ability to accomplish this great duty but if he cannot do so himself, he should at least support a Torah scholar who learns during the night hours and thus have a share in his learning. Praised is he who strives to achieve it, and how good his share and lot are in the world to come! An eye has not yet seen the like s of it! (Rav Yeshaya Asher Zelig Margolis of Yerusalayim in his sefer Kumi Roni in the name of the Chutzos Damesek and the Kaf Hachaim).

In this you shall endeavor day and night! Cover the "Entire" Day With Torah and Shmirah by having the Kollel members mention your names "Each" Night