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"Anyone that becomes a Partner in this, equally benefits from all the profits Chatzos brings" (Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai In Zohar Hakadosh)

From Dire Health to Inner Peace, we all have Someone or Something to Pray for.

A parent, a child, sibling, or friend…. in need of a Shidduch, a Refuah, a Job, or in Trouble. When you have an entire kollel, or two or more, learning and praying in the merit of a loved one during perilous times, much of the weight seems to be lifted.

The earnest men at Kollel Chatzos take their responsibility very seriously and each night, when the time comes to recite the Kvittel list, they put their heart and soul into each name. Klal Yisroel is a band of brothers, and the Chatzos members pray for each person as if for their own loved one.

You now also have the option of having your Kvittel read at the Israeli branch of Kollel Chatzos, right at the Grave Site of the holy Rashbi zt”l in Meron.

Submit your own Kvittel now and join the thousands who have already benefited from the ultimate Segulah, Kollel Chatzos!