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"It is needless to point out how the Neshamahs that have left us look out for their relatives to learn and say Kaddish in their name."

Learning Mishnayos and Shas

“Kollel Chatzos” – where distinguished learners labor all night – is now accepting the responsibility of learning and finishing Mishnayos and Shas in memory of your loved ones A”H i.e. complete Mishnayos for the end of Shloishim, an entire section/whole Shas to the first Yahrtzeit etc. or as per your request.

Departed Souls Plead: Learn Torah for Us!

It is needless to point out how the Neshamahs that have left us look out for their relatives to learn and say Kaddish in their name. Our sages write about the astounding effect that Mishnayas has in the next world, and how the souls there eagerly anticipate someone learning in their name since this elevates them in Heaven and this is the only bond with us – their beloved children/parents/siblings – on this world.

Complications and Hardships

Everyone knows the truth that when it comes to dividing the portions of Mishnayos between family members, there will always be sections not completed either by negligence, time restraint, simply not being able to understand what is learned etc.


Everyone is willing and eager to learn but often think “I wish that I could have an honorable and learned man be my proxy and finish my part as it is meant to be, so that it truly merits the Neshamah in the next world!”

The Answer: Learners of Mishnayos of Shas!

This is where “Learners of Mishnayos and Shas” comes into the picture. The project, a branch of the famous “Kollel Chatzos”, encompasses an entire kollel of serious men who will learn on behalf of your late relatives A”H and concentrate their full power of learning to benefit the soul up above!

You can choose what they should learn – Mishnayos or Gemarrah_ and how much needs to be accomplished by the Shloishim or Yahrtzeit – Siyum Mishnayos or Siyum Hashas. You can rest assured that the task will be completed to perfection and it will receive the due diligence it deserves to positively affect the Neshamah in Heaven!

Bigger Selection; Fringe Benefits for You!

As stated, “Kollel Chatzos” will work out a precise plan for you, as per your specifications, which will be completed by the “Learners of Mishnayos and Shas”. Thereby you will provide great assistance to your loved one’s soul, while at the same time heap the rewards of being a “Kollel Chatzos” partner such as health, wealth, luck etc!