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Rashbi's Kollel


כולל חצות מירון

"Kollel Chatzos at the sacred site in Meron at the burial place of the holy Tana Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai zt"l."

“Even at a time when harsh decrees exist and prayers of Jewish children are, unfortunately, not accepted up above, the pleas of those who get up at Chatzos are answered!”

These are the holy words from the holy Tana R’ Shimon Bar Yochai in the Zohar Hakadosh, which correlates with all the other sacred texts and quotes from R’ Shimon in each portion of the Zohar Hakadosh! There is almost no week in the Zohar Hakadosh where R’ Shimon fails to mention the incredible power of “Kollel Chatzos”, and the miracles and wonders that you merit through it!

Since this issue was so important to R’ Shimon, people consider it a tremendous honor o enroll as partners in the special “Kollel Chatzos” at the Grave Site of the holy Tana in the sacred place Meron!

They have the incredible opportunity to have their name and those of their family members mentioned at the holy Prayer Gathering each night after Chatzos Haleila At the holy tomb in the cave of R’ Shimon Bar Yochai Zt”l The names are recited each night by esteemed scholars and kollel Rabbonim shlit”a who truly fulfill the will of the Rashbi Zt”l, and in this merit, so many Jews are helped and achieve miracles!

Your Request, at the Holy Sites!

“Kollel Chatzos” in Israel is taking on the task of reciting your names and requests at the Holy Sites in Israel, to achieve success in all matters!