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Ketoras Segulahs


סגולת הקטורת


Wealth And Income

You will be blessed with riches and abundant income

'תמיד - מש� ה ב
זוהר הקדוש
מוהר"ן מברסלב

Good Health

It is a strong protection against all types of sickness and disease

זוהר חדש
'אר"י הק


You will be exonerated at every verdict

זוהר הק' ויקהל

Eliminate Harsh Decrees

Thereby he destroys all curses against him

מדרש ה� עלם

Beneficial Witnesses

Eliyahu Hanavi affirms that by doing so, all the Angels will testify on his behalf

זוהר הק' ויקהל

Clear Mind

You will steer clear of any bad thoughts

זוהר הקדוש

Peaceful Home

You avoid any hardships in your house

זוהר הקדוש

Complete Repentance

There is nothing that can shatter bad intentions like the Ketorahs

זוהר הק' ויקהל

Forgives all Sins

This holy subject absolves the wrongdoings a person has committed through the Yetzer Horah

זוהר הק' ויקהל

Protection from Above

By saying the Ketorahs with concentration,you will never be harmed

זוהר הק' שה"ש

Evil Regime Guard

You are shielded from any harm by a non-Jew

זוהר הק' בהעלותך
סגולות ישראל

Positive Light

You will find favor in everyone’s eyes

זוהר הקדוש
סגולות ישראל

Right to Life

It will reverse a death sentence that has been decreed upon a person

זוהר ויקהל

Escape Hell

They will be rescued from the clutches of Hell

זוהר שיר השירים שמ"ג


Every category of sadness/depression will flee the person

זוהר ויקהל
ליקוטי מוהר"ן

Terrifying Experiences

You are immune to all frights and horrifying occurrences that transpire on this world

זוהר חדש ס"ז