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About Ketoras


כח הקטורת

"The esteemed Torah scholars assemble after midnight – as the holy Ari Hakodesh writes – and with great fervor they recite the special text of the “Ketoras Segulah”. The recitation takes about a half hour, starting with the “Parshas HaKetoras”, followed by “V’Yas es Hamenorah” three times, “V’Yehi Noam” seven times, and other holy pesokim. At its conclusion, a special prayer is read which includes the names of all those who have signed up to be mentioned to see help and success."

"The Powerful and Holy Ketoras Segulah" From the Ari Hakadosh

Kollel Chatzos is presenting a unique opportunity for the public to acquire the renowned and popular merit known as “The Ketoras Segulah” which is said with earnest concentration by the virtuous kollel members, positively affecting Klal Yisroel’s needs.

The Ari Z"l writes “Gather a group of ten men after chatzos to recite the Seder Pitim Haktoras together and with great intensity, as stated, for it will create a huge commotion above, but only if it said after chatzos at night“. (Shaar HaKavanot of the Arizal Tfilat Hashachar 3)

Klal Yisroel’s oldest segulah – The Ketoras Segulah” – is mentioned in the Torah as early as its inception (Bamidbar 17) that when Moshe Rabeinu zt”l received the Torah on Mt. Sinai, they revealed to him the astounding secrets hidden within the “Ketoras”. The “Ketoras Segulah” includes the longer schedule of “Parshas Haktoras”, “Vyhi Noam” accompanied by many pesokim and sacred texts, as well as holy prayers, all said by a minyan of honorable Jews.

In the days of the righteous Apter Rav zy”a when the Jewish population was subject to indescribable hardships and pain, he commanded that the special verses of “the Segulahs Haktoras” be printed, and the pious Maglanitz’er zy”a and Shinova’er Rav zy”a ordered them to be re-printed, proclaiming it to be an amazing measure of protection against harsh times.

The following is a source list of quotes and excerpts from the holy seforim, which stress the extraordinary situations and benefits that “Amiras Haktoras”, recited by a strong focused group, is related to.

Kollel Chatzos in Israel will perform the Ketoras Segulah for you at the Grave Site of the revered Ari Hakadosh Zt”l To be blessed with success and good luck in all your endeavors!