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Kollel Chatzos Experience

Our Nightly Schedule

Prior to Chatzos at Night: A warm mikvah, and during the summer nights, an exuberant Tefilas Maariv.
Beginning at Chatzos at night: Torah learning encompassing Gemarah and Shulchan Aruch, uninterrupted and with great fervor, during the calm night hours.
Conduit to Yeshuahs: As a group, the members recite the names of the “Chatzos” partners and advocate on their behalf to see Refuahs, Yeshuahs etc.
Sunrise: A fiery minyan Tefilas Shachris at vasikin, the “Kollel Chatzos” way!
After Shachris: The men conclude with an additional hour of engrossed learning.
Throughout the day: Laden with their night merits, they continue to their daytime kollels to further enrich their day!

Kollel Members Share their Experience:

" Since my family consists of mostly young children, I was a bit hesitant about joining a kollel with abnormal hours. But I will be the first to admit that I’ve never been more of a father than since I became a Chatzos member. I am home in the morning to help see my kids off to school and am there when they get off the bus. Unlike most fathers today, I am able to sit down to a proper dinner with them each evening before helping with the nightly duties. My wife is more calm and happy than she’s ever been and our household has flourished because of the excellent decision to become a Chatzos member! "
" After two years of learning in a regular kollel, I felt a bit of a sense of disconnect. With appointments and constant phone interruptions from either my phone or my chavrusa’s, I was running on such an erratic schedule that I was finding no joy in my daily learning. I made a choice to switch to Kollel Chatzos and my life has simply turned around! I have found a new purpose in life and feel like a new person. Every night I sit down to hours of nonstop learning without any distractions to otherwise occupy my mind. I have achieved more spiritually and scholastically in the last three months at Chatzos than I did in my two years of day kollel. And to top it all off, I play a big part in helping other people through the power of this famous and amazing segulah! What a blessing! "
" To be honest, I had a hard time imagining myself being able to commit to such a lifestyle change. I felt I would be too tired to cope with both learning at such hours and being able to be a family man too. I could not have been more wrong! The energy that surrounds the kollel during the night is simply indescribable as the learning is done not just for you, but for a group of Jews desperately in need of assistance. And the daily davening at v’sikin is the highlight that ends the night too fast and instills a power that keeps you going all day. I see my kids more now than ever before and my wife appreciates the help that I can now offer because of my schedule. For me, it was the best possible life course change with only positive results! "