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The Ben Ish Chai ztz”l promises that one who supports the Chaburah of talmidei chachamim who wake up at midnight to study Torah till sunrise, will merit children. On his Yahrtzeit this promise will be kept all the more.

The Bais HaShunamis is the site where the promise of Elisha HaNavi came true, and the barren woman gave birth. The Steipler Gaon ztz”l sent a group of people who were waiting to merit children [accompanied by his son HaGaon Reb Chaim Kanievskt shlit”a] to the site of the Bais HaShunamis and all participants saw miraculous Yeshuos within the year.

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Of Baby Bonnets, the Ben Ish Chai, and Midnight Blessings


Days are hard. But nights are even harder.

That’s when the day’s blessed distractions crumble and the deafening silence shatters my heart.

And I dream of a home, in which the silence is harmonized by the breathing of little hearts, snuggled in their beds; in which the silence is pierced by the wails of a little infant, summoning mommy; in which the silence is disrupted by little ones, determined to start the new day while the world still slumbers.

Maybe that’s why I feel that Kollel Chatzos’s talmidei chachamim, who learn through the night, may be my answer. Perhaps their Torah learning will sweeten my gezar din, and I will be zoche that my nights will be gladdened.

I learned that I was not the only one who sought hope and blessing in supporting nighttime Torah learning.

When the talmid of the great mekubel, Rav Mordechai Sharabi, zt”l, waited for years to be blessed with a ben zachar and his tefilos and kabalos went unanswered, he approached a group of talmidei chachamim who were learning throughout the night and begged them, “You’re learning all night long. You’re accomplishing such great things. Can you perform the segula of the Ben Ish Chai on my behalf, so that I be blessed with a ben zachar?”

The talmidei chachamim responded yes…

And Hashem responded yes to their tefillos.

At the ripe age of seventy, this man became the father of a baby boy.

I learned that this segula has a mekor.

It is detailed so eloquently and instructively by the Ben Ish Chai in Keser Malchus (siman 160), saying, “The husband and wife should sponsor the needs of a chabura (group), who awaken to learn at Chatzos, and in this zechus, they will be blessed with zera shel kayama, and so they should do constantly.”

And I learned that this segula works – in our generation, for people just as deparate as myself.

The Kollel Chatzos office shared that they constantly receive requests from callers worldwide, asking to sponsor Kollel Chatzos’s talmidei chachamim, so that these talmidei chachamim will daven on behalf of couples waiting for children… And they also told me that they constantly hear besuros tovos that the talmidei chachamim’s davening has brought forth the long-awaited yeshuos.

This year, I will bl”n sponsor the kollel’s learning and the Ben Ish Chai segula, performed in my zchus.

And I hope that next year, iy”H, I will be able to share with you the story of my yeshua… of my nights transformed to delight.

This Tuesday night, September 2, 13 Elul, Parshas Ki Suvei, is the yahrtzeit of the holy Ben Ish Chai.

And while the Ben Ish Chai’s segula is applicable every night of the year, it is particularly meaningful when performed on his very yahrtzeit.

Therefore, Kollel Chatzos dedicates this night as a special Leil Tefila for couples who are waiting for children. A delegation of Kollel Chatzos talmidei chachamim will daven at the place designated as the gateway for tefilos for children – the “Bais Isha HaShunamis,” the very place where Elisha HaShunamis enacted a miracle and the Isha HaShunamis merited children.

So many of us know couples who are in pain and wish we could help… somehow. We may not be doctors nor possess the key to life. Yet, this Thursday, we can all do something. Something meaningful, something powerful. We can heed the call of the Ben Ish Chai on his yahrtzeit. We can partner with Kollel Chatzos, sponsor the needs of the Kollel’s distinguished talmidei chachamim, and daven to Hashem that this night storm the gates of zera Chaya v’kayama.