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"Through the Merit of Learning at Chatzos, you achieve success in all that you do" (Zohar, Pele Yoetz)

Kollel Chatzos; the esteemed houses of Torah and prayer where tens of men of all ages gather each night to achieve what the Shulchan Aruch states: “You should be more vigilant about learning at night than during the day and you are not allowed to eliminate it Chas V'shalom (Orach Chaim/238:1). What a sight it is after midnight, as the halls of the Kollel buildings are filled with the wonderful sounds of learning by assemblies of scholars, as they immerse themselves in their studies all night long, devote a portion of the period to mention and pray for those that have signed up as partners with Chatzos, and then top it off with a captivating davening at Vasikin. The aura of light emanating from these groups, at “Kollel Chatzos” locations in the NY area and Israel, is a joy to behold as they learn and pray for the safekeeping of Klal Yisroel.

When you talk to the Kollel members, they all admit that there is a certain tranquility and sense of higher power that reigns during their studies. As a cool night breeze stirs the air outside, the insides of the Kollelim are ablaze with the fires of the groups of men basking in the rays of Torah. As the Holy Tanah R’ Shimon Bar Yochai z”l writes “The clarity of night Torah is much more than during the day” (Zohar 3-23)

Our Goal? “Kollel Chatzos” in every City!

“Kollel Chatzos” was created with a very specific objective: to restore the Torah glory of the past! We forge ahead with our strong ambition to create “Chatzos Centers” – as our forefathers had done back home – everywhere! In every city that contains Jewish souls there should be a source of Torah and Shmurah, where dedicated individuals should be able to utilize the night hours for learning Torah, praying, and pleading for the safety and welfare of Klal Yisroel!

“Kollel Chatzos” is the only Kollel of this type in the U.S and includes a branch right at the Grave Site of the holy Rashbi zt”l in Meron, Israel. It serves as a communal protection against all hardships, evil decrees, pain, and suffering. In the following pages, we present to you many different sources and origins from our Holy Seforim which emphasizes the astounding Segulahs that can be achieved by the work that our wonderful and unique Kollel organization was founded for.

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